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Tessellation Flooring

Tessera is a Latin word from which the word tessellation was derived. That is because tessera means a small block of any material that is being used for creating a mosaic. But there is a difference in mosaic and tessellation. In the mosaic, you can create a whole picture of anything like animal or scenery or human, but tessellation is a completely different thing. Tessellation is a repetition of the geometric shapes in a contentious manner. It can be simple or complex. There are three types of tessellation regular tessellation, semi-tessellation and no-regular tessellation. It depends on the structure or design of the building that what type of tessellation flooring will complement and increase the quality of the look instead of decreasing it.

  • Regular Tessellation:

This type of tessellation consists of a regular polygon of which vertex meet with each other. The shape of the regular tessellation has the division of total 360 degrees in their interior.

  • Semi-regular tessellation:

This type of tessellation is made up of two different types of regular polygons which are set in such a way that the same types of polygons are in the same cyclic manner.

  • Non-regular tessellation:

In this type of tessellation, there is no specific rules and regulations on how to lay the tiles. In this, the total sum of all the shapes used in tessellation is 360 degree

There are also rules for tessellation flooring.

  • There must not be any gap between the tiles.
  • Tessellated tiles must not overlap each other.
  • For regular tessellation, it is important that all polygon must be regular
  • There must be proper 360-degree vertex for all regular polygons.
  • There must be at least one line of symmetry in tessellation.

The thing about tessellation is that is using proper mathematics’ without is there will not be tessellation because tessellation is due to math and its calculation or in other words you can say tessellation is a combination art and math. So, the decorative tiles in Brisbane used for tessellation have a perfect geometric shape that may have the total sum of all the design is 360 degree or there will be a division of 360 degrees in it.

Tessellation flooring is getting very popular because of its diversity and due to its diversity, it can be used and building whether it is private or commercial. Then due to no gap rule between the tiles, it is easy to keep the floor clean and maintain them easily. It also has a long life, so you do not have to worry about changing it and spending money on something expensive. So, it’s a good investment as well when you know you don’t have to worry about your future expenses.