The First Things On A Wedding Planning List

When it comes to wedding preparation, half the time you would be doing planning, planning and more planning. Of all the things on your endless wedding checklist, finding the ideal place or the venue for the ceremony would come on the top five. At this point, you would need to be clear about your preferences. You would need to figure out if you’d opt for a beach wedding or a garden ceremony, or if you’d stick to the traditional, classic indoor wedding. Opting for the latter is certainly less work, but would be no less in terms of beauty or splendour than that of an outdoor function.

Prior booking Looking for indoor corporate function venues melbourne isn’t a difficult thing to do. But, what can be difficult is having them booked for your required date. The nicest places are almost always fully booked right throughout the year, and strangely sometimes, for the next two years or so, too. This could be the reason why a wedding planner would recommend you to start looking way earlier, almost immediately as you decide on a date. Once you’ve found the perfect place, you would need to make sure they have everything needed to personalize and recreate the appearance to suit your fantasies.

SpaceThe good thing about wedding receptions is that there are a limited number of invitees or guests, who would need to RSVP and confirm their attendance at the ceremony. Therefore, you wouldn’t really need a huge amount of space to celebrate in style. In fact, it is believed that the smaller the place and the number of participants, the more charming and endearing the whole event would turn out to be. Therefore, keeping your numbers down would be one little tip for creating a warm and pleasant ambience. For more information, please visit

CateringCatering is something that directly connects with your guest list, or its number, rather. Catering usually becomes expensive when the quantity goes up. Sometimes, in order to balance things out on the menu, you might feel compelled to add variety to it, too. When your numbers are low however, dealing with the catering department naturally becomes easier and less stressful. You would be able to focus and make the right choices, and see that there are zero flaws to it.Having the wedding venue and the catering booked and sorted could be an incredibly huge relief. Come to think of it, you wouldn’t really be able to have a wedding on the said date if you do not succeed in finding the place of your dreams. It wouldn’t be fair or worth it to compromise and go for something that does not meet at least half your expectations. The venue is the biggest part of the deal, and you certainly wouldn’t go easy on that, whatsoever! event-mangement

How To Have A Memorable Wedding?

Everyone wants to have a memorable wedding. We dream about how our wedding would like from a very young age. As we grow up, our dream wedding might be different from what we had when we were kids, but we all want it to be something remembered. We want people to talk about our wedding as a perfect wedding and recall it in a fond manner. We want people to be inspired and have an excellent time at our weddings. We want them to be awed by our love. Most of all, we want us to have the best time possible at our weddings. We don’t want our wedding to be a boring wedding. We want a wedding that is unique. Some of us prefer to have simple weddings. Some of us want big weddings. But whether simple or extravagant, one thing is certain, we all want our wedding to be unforgettable, in our hearts and our friends’ and families’ hearts.

The Location

There are many things one can do to make a wedding unique and indelible. You can start with the venue. The venue of the wedding is really important as it can determine your mood and your guests’ mood. If you want your wedding to be special, you need to find a unique venue. You probably have an idea about where you want the wedding to be. Whether, it’s in the middle of the forest or the beach or in a farmhouse, you have a lot of things to consider when choosing a venue. You can’t choose the one that fells like the most unique place to have your wedding. You have to think about how many people can fit in it, the cost, how easy it is to get into that venue and how you’re going to decorate it. So, it’s important to choose a venue that is unique but at the same time does not give you more problems. Now, there are businesses that offer you different kind of venues and all you have to do is choose one. If you want a unique wedding, you can ask for rustic wedding venues. They will give you a special venue but also make things easier for you.

The Decorations

Another way to make your wedding never to be forgotten is making your decorations look incredible. But you must remember that the decorations should match the venue. Say, you’re looking for beach wedding venues Melbourne, you can take advantage of that and make your decorations from things you find in the beach. Finding a good venue is important because they offer you ways to make your wedding look even more beautiful. If you want the wedding to be at night, your decorations should be visible during the night time. These days, most people prefer DIY decorations and they’re popular because you will be making them yourself and you have freedom to what you want.

Food and Music

A very important thing in a wedding is food. And it’s another way to make your wedding memorable. Most of the businesses that provide venues, provide food too. You can tell them what you want and they will give it to you. All you have to do is be specific. Make the food match your theme too. Good music makes anyone happy. You can hire a live band or you can hire a DJ. Make a playlist of all your favorite happy love songs. No one wants to listen to song about heart break during a wedding. Music moves hearts and you can make everyone at your wedding shed happy tears with a right song at the right time.