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Building And Construction Certification IV Web-Based Exam Details

If you are an enthusiastic merchant or worker, this is the foundation of success. This is the first step in starting your home construction or pursuing a career in architecture and architecture.

This is the first step in starting your own construction business and preparing to register as a builder. It can be a busy tragedy during the day. Therefore, this course gives you more flexibility in terms of what you want to pursue. Using real and virtual classroom environments, you can offer cert 4 building and construction online course in Victoria and Australia through proprietary virtual classroom training software.

Conferences in real-time through virtual classrooms in Melbourne or Australia make all building and construction certificates simple and accessible to everyone. 

The cert 4 building and construction online course covers all the details from start to finish on how to plan, prepare and manage residential construction jobs. Review the principles, technologies and regulations of the construction and construction industry in Australia.

Registration checklist

  • 18 years and older
  • Can speak English fluently (language, literacy, and numeracy are assessed as part of the registration process)
  • You can attend scheduled classroom training sessions as scheduled.
  • Computer and Internet access throughout the course. You may or may not have previous experience in the construction and construction industry.

How long will it take? 

For the cert 4 building and construction online course, your study is 2 part-time per week, 34-45 weeks, depending on your level of experience in the industry. We promise to complete 7 hours of instruction per week and up to 8 hours of assessment. 

We know location is important, so we take classes close to home and call to inquire about the nearest course. 

Is there a course assignment?

 For eligible students, this education is funded by Victoria and the federal government. Even if you are not eligible, you can still register as a student paying the full tuition. There are several payment options. Visit www.buildersacademy.com.au for a complete list of rates. Contact us to discuss the options that work best for you.

Future way

This certificate can help you fulfil your supervisory roles, such as a construction supervisor, coordinator, or manager. After completing the certification, you can decide to continue the Architecture and Diploma of Architecture (Building) online course. After completing this course you would be able to earn good money and would become a professional and certified builder.

Components of the course

  • Must complete 16 components, 13 core components, and 3 optional components.
  • Professional benefits
  • Choose a career
  • Certified qualifications and industry knowledge.
  • Learn new skills and take advantage of existing skills
  • Meet new people and contact potential businesses
  • Gain confidence and improve your employment opportunities

Check this link https://www.skillscertified.com.au/rpl to find out more details.